Color Catalog

You want to renew your home, workplace, office, shop or industrial establishment. Painting is one of the most important steps for this. For the paint and whitewash, however, is color. It is quite difficult to find the one which will suit your living space or workplace among the various color catalogs. We have listed the colors for you if you would like to know how to choose among so many varieties or which one presents a better view. You can use intermediate tones or different tones of colors according to your own tastes in this article which generally consists of main colors.

Learn the Language of Colors

Each color has a meaning and energy. You should choose the interior paint color to how you wish to feel in your home. For example, the orange color is associated with the Sun and it gives the Sun's energy to the environment. Green, on the other hand, represents nature and you can bring all the freshness it gives to your home with it. You should definitely check the meanings of the colors to feel the right effect and feeling.

In the interior area, coffee with milk, pastel shades of purple, pink, blue and green are among the trend colors. If you want a simple house, you can use cold blue and tones of coffee with milk.

Apply the Right Color to Your Rooms

As consumers, we usually choose by heart and want to choose the colors we like. However, this is not a very accurate method of decision-making. Namely, you may love navy blue very much, but using navy blue and its tones in the bedroom is not the right option. In general, dark colors create an aggravating effect on people and you can turn into a sleepy person who doesn’t want to get out of the bed. Thus, you should prefer lighter interior paint colors. You won't believe how light tones make you feel light and good.

The new trend is spring colors. You can use the colors blooming in spring in your dining room. Pink and purple tones, green tones, and especially lilac will add color to your rooms.

Create Contrast

You can color the walls by using different tones of interior paint to create contrast. It is also possible to create contrast between furniture and walls. If you have light-colored furniture, you can assure that it will look much better on dark-colored walls. On the other hand, you can create a a pleasant environment by dividing the light and dark tones of the color on the walls of your room in a balanced way. Besides all of these, you may have a chance to create stylish ambiances by using plain interior paint colors and decorative paint together.

Industrial Establishment Colors

If you are going to paint in an industrial area, there are some points that you should care about. First of all, you should find out if your production facility has limited colors by the rules. Besides this, as the production areas leave waste, the walls can get dirty, so you should prefer darker colors.

You can use off-white, orange, red, burgundy, green tones, gray tones, blue and matte black.