Exterior Paint ( Specs and Necessary Preparation )

With our exterior painting service, we repair and paint the exterior surfaces of your buildings. With our quality paint and quality workmanship service, you can protect your buildings from bad weather factors of water and air and prevent them from causing problems for you for many years. During our exterior paint service, we choose the color of the exterior, and then paint the exterior of your homes with our high-quality paint and professional painters.

You have decided to paint the exterior of your building. However, if you do not know how to paint the exterior or what you should pay attention to during exterior painting, the information we will give you in this article will definitely be of use to you.

Scaffolding or aerolifts will become a necessity in places where ladders cannot reach. For this reason, there are points that you should pay attention to when installing scaffolding.

  • Scaffolding feet must be placed on solid ground. A solid material such as stone, wood or concrete should be placed under the feet.
  • Depending on the height of the scaffolding, it must be fixed at various points on the wall.
  • The difference in elevation between the points where the scaffold legs are placed should be taken into account and the scaffold should be built on a scale.
  • Scaffolding planks must be made of metal and prevent workers' feet from slipping.
  • Passage between floors at the pier must be with its own internal ladder.
  • Personnel who will work at the pier must be restrained with a parachute type safety belt.
  • All of the personnel to be employed must wear luminous vests and a hard hat on their heads.

After explaining the details about the use of stairs and scaffolding, which are two working areas, let's now explain how exterior painting should be done. 

Thing You Need to Consider in Exterior Painting

Pre-Paint Preparation: If the building you will paint the exterior of is old, first of all, the existing paint and plaster cracks should be repaired. You should open plaster and paint cracks with a putty knife or trowel. After removing the weak plaster and paints, these emptied areas should be plastered with exterior putty. Here you can find the prices of exterior putties produced by various companies by clicking. After the surface of the cracks filled with putty dries, lightly sand it to smooth it out.

Apart from that, dusty and oily surfaces on the exterior surface should be cleaned with pressurized water or if there is only dust, you should clean it with a brush. On dusty and oily surfaces, the paint cannot adhere to the surface and therefore you will not be able to get efficiency from the paint you will make.

After making the necessary plaster repairs, it was time to make the primer paint. The use of primer is also important. Because priming is important in order to get efficiency from the last coat of paint you will use and to provide durable service for many years without any problems.

Priming Paint

There are many alternatives in the market for primer paint. For primer paint selection, you should choose a primer suitable for your top coat paint brand. Click for primer paint selection and prices. The primer you choose should be thinned with water in accordance with its technical use. Apply the thinned primer paint to the cleaned and repaired exterior by means of a roller and brush. After applying the primer paint to the entire exterior, you should wait for it to dry. When the drying time is over, it's time for the final coat painting. 

Exterior Topcoat Painting:

You should paint the last coat the day after the primer is applied. Click to choose affordable exterior paint. Apply the paint in two coats with the exterior paint of your choice. During the application, you should be careful that the weather is not rainy and the humidity is not high. For exterior paint selection, you should definitely read the information below.