Hiring A Professional Painting Contractor or Doing It Yourself ?

It must be the most common question people ask themselves when they start planning their house / home painted. It is very understandable , many people  have no idea about the technical details of painting. There is a belief , painting is a job for those who have two hands. It is somewhat right. If we are talking about painting a small room , painting can be a hobby. When you start experimenting with a small room painting , you will start figuring out it is a bit different than you think.

The main reason , painting requires many professional tools and experience. We are not even talking about doing it right yet. Starting a painting project without professional tools or try to handle it without necessary tools will make you feel big time. For example, trying to climb up without having a professional step ladder or safety equipment might cause you to be injured badly.

The ideal result with a professional painting project is ; evenly covered smooth surfaces with elegant texture. It means a solid coverage , unnoticeable patches , no roller strokes , no brush marks or dirt in the finish. Even hiding the surface and joint imperfections as much as possible.

Especially for a resale home it will increase the value of the property.  

There are many technical details and difficulties in a painting project , many handy people can’t experiment with it easily either. That’s why even experienced renovation contractors hire professional painting companies to be able to deliver their hard worked project finished properly.

You might think they are too busy to paint on their own or they can make more money by switching to the next renovation project . But your assumption is not right. 

C&S Painters crew has mostly second generation painters ( their parents were also professional painters and they learned by working with them). The expectations from a painting project , trends and getting high technology used to manufacture paint  , put extra pressure on the painters to study their lesson harder. 

Deciding on  which brand name paint is the best option ,  the most important part in a painting project. Even well known nationwide paint manufacturers have different product lines. If you are making up your mind by going with the most expensive product , it does not necessarily give you the best result. Paint manufacturers price their products by checking their competitors , but you need to make sure it is the right product for your painting project. 

Nobody wants to pay more than they are supposed to. We have been passing our experience to our customers and comparing what paint options we have. If it is needed or worthed to pay extra for more expensive paint. We never sacrifice from the quality and never use cheaper paint to cut from the cost. C&S Painting is a high volume making company and we offer dealers discounted paint / supplies cost to our clients. 

Painting is all about preparation. Masking the surroundings , organizing the working space are necessary first steps. It requires arm power and lots of supplies. For example ; most of the houses have wood floors / laminate / wood stairs. Those parts have to be masked with industrial grade masking paper. Masking paper has to be thick enough and strong to avoid accidents. It has to be taped on the wood floor strongly with tapes. Using proper tape is very important not to damage the wood floor and the finish or leaving marks after removal.

After masking all the surroundings , unnecessary parts ( plug plates , accessories,etc..) should be removed out of the work space. Removing pot lights . the bases of the chandelier and covering the surroundings which might possibly get dusty or splashed over  is the next step.

Even starting a painting project there will be many steps by using lots of supplies. Using low quality and improper supplies will cause trouble and put you down.

The physical difficulty of performing as a painter is not something you can estimate. Painting is all about non-stop moving around , climbing up and down on the step ladder. Having a perfect job order and thinking about the one step further. Even if a professional painter can not perform efficiently , without getting backed up by other professional team members. Every painter in a professional painter crew has to be working together for a long time to avoid causing an accident or making a mess. That’s why we have directly hired professional painters crew and they have been our full time employees.

When you complete the necessary preparation and purchase the good quality paint , you are ready to start painting. Good quality semi rough microfiber rollers , paint tray and paint brush will be used to apply the paint. The surface preparation , patching and priming should be done before applying the finish coats.

To start with rolling then going around with a paint brush will save time but you need to be careful about not making any brush marks and roller stroke marks. Especially dark colors and shiny paint is more difficult to apply without noticeable imperfections. Applying 2 coats of paint on the walls is recommended for a solid coverage. 

You can read other articles under the Blog section on our website about “ DIY Do it yourself painting techniques and full list of tools and supplies” . Painting other parts of the house is also explained in other articles under the Blog section.

A big house or a large space takes too much effort and time. It should be done by a professional painters crew. If a painter is exhausted and not in control of his moves, it will cause an accident or lower the quality of the paint project. Especially in a hot market like Toronto , wasting time with painting and making a messy painting job is nothing beneficial for homeowners.

Who has a profession and makes a decent wage by his/her profession should leave a professional painting company to take care of the painting project. At the beginning you might estimate a very low cost for your painting project. You will see , the cost of the painting project will grow way bigger than you think even if you try to handle everything by yourself.

C&S Painting provides you a detailed written estimate for each project by giving you the breakdown. You will see all the details room by room , the quantities of the paint / labor cost for each room and overall labor and paint / supplies cost. 

We give 2 years warranty on labor. C&S Painting directly hires its professional painters , fully insured and WSIB registered. We are confident about our competitive rates and quality.

Please give us a call / message for  no obligation , free estimate.