Hobby Painting

Now people have started to decorate their own houses. They paint their houses and walls in different styles as a hobby, and execute various works. Especially on social media, do it yourself (DIY) trends started to be shown as a hobby for house painting. If you ask how to paint a hobby wall, we have explained step by step.

How to Paint a Wall

You can create a completely different atmosphere by changing the color of a room, while you can also consider coloring one wall in each room instead of painting the whole room to the same color.

In the same way, you can create different patterns on a wall. To do this, you can use materials like masking tape and paint mask and do a cleaner work.

Regarding the wall you have chosen for geometric wall painting, you should first decide how big you want the semi-circle to be. For example, if you draw a semicircle geometric pattern and paint, adhere masking tape from the end points of the semicircle so that you make it easier to get more suitable results. With the help of a pencil, draw your semi-circle without pressing and highlight it with a small brush and start painting. You can choose according to your tastes.

Create a Colorful Kitchen

You can color the cabinets, storage areas and the serving sets in your kitchen. You can create a completely different kitchen by coloring the railings of the shelves, wooden cabinet doors and even the handles. At this point, we recommend you to remove the removable covers and continue the process after smoothing the worn surfaces with sandpaper.

Renew Your Furniture

If you would like to make a difference in your house, you can start with the furniture that you use frequently during the day taking up quite much space in your home. You can start by coloring your armchairs, bergers and even your coffee table. First of all, if you sandpaper your old furniture and prime it with white paint, you can get a cleaner result. However, if you do not have much material in your house now, you can color your furniture with a concealer paint as you wish. At this point, you can have a more fun appearance by using patterns.