How Can I Remove Stucco / Popcorn Ceiling?

Popcorn ceiling texture is a finish coat of material applied to cover imperfections and bad joints in the ceiling surfaces. Stucco / popcorn ceiling texture applied by spraying and gives these surfaces a decorative texture.  It creates a decorative appearance on the applied surfaces.  It gives good results and even look covering surface issues. It saves from labor and time.  Popcorn ceilings can be coated with a special and complicated painting process by using specialty paint and sealer. It does not contain substances harmful to human health. It is better to understand how and what surfaces stucvo / popcorn ceiling texture can be applied so you will have an idea what kind of surface you will have after removing the texture.

Places where Popcorn ceiling texture is used: In building interiors;  Popcorn ceiling texture can be applied on plaster, gypsum boards, exposed concrete, puttyed surfaces, gas concrete, wood, chipboard, gypsum plastered surfaces.

Before starting the application, the surface to be applied should be checked;  If the surface is dirty during construction without coating on the new, hardened plaster surface that has not been whitewashed, wire brush, trowel, etc.  cleaned with.  If application will be made on exposed concrete, mold oils should be washed with soap and detergent.  Cracks are filled with sealant or mortar if their movement has stopped.  Adherence should be checked on previously painted walls.  Glossy surface paints are sanded and oil paint is scraped.  (Scrubbed paints are removed).  Loose lime plasters are not suitable.  It must be completely dismantled.  The surface must be re-plastered.  The surfaces that will not be covered with paint are closed by taping.  Sufficient mortar is poured into the Popcorn ceiling texture sprayer tank.  Using a spray gun, the Popcorn ceiling texture is sprayed onto the surface.  Spraying should start from the upper part of the surface on the wall and go down.  By moving, a homogeneous pattern is created on the surface.

There are two points that should be known before proceeding to the step-by-step Popcorn ceiling texture removal.  First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the Popcorn ceiling texture is painted or unpainted.  For this, it will be sufficient to rub your hand on the Popcorn ceiling area.  If the Popcorn ceiling texture leaves a mark when you rub your hand on the ceiling, it means it has not been painted.  If it doesn't leave a mark on your hand, the ceiling has been painted.  Different methods are applied for painted and unpainted Popcorn ceilings texture.


After determining that the Popcorn ceiling texture is unpainted, we can start by removing light fixtures such as chandeliers and lamps.  After removing the fixtures that may get splash over on the ceiling, it is necessary to remove the items in the room or cover them with plastic sheets to protect them.  The same process is applied to protect the floor and it is covered with a protection cover. The floor is slso masked with industrial grade paper.


We start the process by wetting the ceiling with the help of a spray machine. With the  spray machine, the Popcorn ceiling texture area is completely wetted.  When the moisture absorbed for a while and the area will soften.  Scraping operation will become much easier as the Popcorn ceiling texture absorbs water.  After the Popcorn ceiling texture, which absorbs the water, softens, the ceiling is scraped with the help of a putty knife.  However, it is important that the surface of the ceiling is not damaged while doing this.


After removing popcorn ceiling texture from the ceiling, compound / plaster  applied and a smooth surface is obtained by sanding. It will be done in a couple layer of plastering and a couple rounds of sanding till smooth enough surface created.If the scraping process is perfect, the sanding and puttying process will be less and will be finished easily. It is a messy and dusty process.  After the sanding process, sealer or directly latex paint is applied so that the left over glue / water stain does not bleed over finish coat.  After 2 or 3 layers of plastering are applied, the clear coat and / or latex paint is applied.  Then the painting process is done, the finish coat is painted and it is now ready.

Bonus: Care needs to be taken when spray-wetting Popcorn ceiling texture scraping.  Because electrical cables should not get wet.

If Popcorn ceiling texture is Painted;

If the Popcorn ceiling texture is painted, some parts of the process will take longer.  Because the painted popcorn ceiling texture will not absorb water and it will be difficult to remove. It has to be foeced to be removed and it will damage the surface. It means more labor and more smoothening required. 

Step 1

Materials such as chandeliers, sockets, lamps, fans must be removed or nicely masked with plasticcovers.  Furniture should be removed from the room or covered, and the floor should be covered with a protective cover.

Step 2

Warm water is applied on the painted popcorn ceiling texture to soften it.  The Popcorn ceiling texture is removed by scraping.  But in this case, damage to the ceiling surface may occur.  Therefore, it may be necessary to sand again by pulling the clear plaster.  In the removal of painted popcorn ceiling texture, sanding process takes place 3-4 times.  The procedures performed after removal of the popcorn ceiling texture are similar.

Bonus: If the popcorn ceiling texture is painted, it is recommended that you should be aware it is longer and  more difficult process. The place can get dirty and will take longer than unpainted popcorn ceiling texture removal.  The ceiling surface may be damaged, which may result in extra costs.

You can get help from our company for popcorn ceiling texture removal and repainting processes.


Popcorn Ceiling Texture or Paint?

Popcorn ceiling texture is preferred for some reasons.  It can be used for a better look as well as to hide the unevenness of the surface. If you are wondering if the popcorn ceiling texture can be painted, yes it can.  But when you paint over popcorn  / stucco ceiling texture it will be the way more difficult to remove the texture in the future. Because when the popcorn ceiling texture is painted, it is very difficult to remove.

If you still want to paint a popcorn ceiling texture, there are two methods in front of you.  The first is to paint with paint sprayers, which will ensure even painting of the jagged surface.  The second method is to paint with a regular roller brush. In both options a protective clear coat highly recommended avoiding the texture to crack and becomes apart.

Painting the Popcorn ceiling texture area with a paint sprayer ensures that it is painted evenly and without color waves.  When painting with a roller brush, the paint must be well diluted.  It is quite difficult to paint such rough areas. To use high quality rollers and using the right paint will guarantee a better result. Therefore, it would be a better option to get help from a painter.