How Much Does Exterior Paint Cost?

Every item used has a lifetime, as well as a lifetime in paints. The permanence of paints that have completed their lifespan decreases and their color fades. In such cases, which cause a bad image, it is necessary to renew the painting process. You may not know the cost of exterior painting and you may be afraid of the fact that it is too much. Most of the time, renovation work alone is not enough. Performing the painting process under suitable conditions increases the efficiency after painting and greatly supports the renewal process. For this reason, the lifetime of the paint increases.

When should exterior paint be renewed? How Long Does a Paint Job Take?

Exterior facades of outdoor spaces or residences may fade from the sun, and may wear out in a short time due to abrasive conditions such as rain and snow. Therefore, the time to paint varies according to the geography you live in and the location of the house. Exterior paints lose their vitality within 3 or 4 years on average, and partial cracks or partial spills begin to appear in the exterior paint. In order to prolong the life of the paint and have well-kept exteriors, it would be a better decision to renew the exterior paint in the spring months, that is, in the months when the effect of the sun or rain will be less. The question people often ask is how long does the exterior painting process take? Toronto homes can vary greatly in size, but the entire process can be completed in 2 to 5 days for both small and large homes..

Factors affecting the cost of exterior paint

  • square meters 
  • numbers of windows 
  • numbers of doors