How to paint over oil paint with latex paint to avoid peeling?

In other articles we explained the techniques of fixing peeling paint, please check the Blog section on our website.  We will give you the details of exactly what to do to avoid peeling problems in a painting project , especially if you are painting over oil paint with a latex finish coat.

Principally , shiny and slippery surfaces are difficult to stick on for paint. A weak paint won’t stick on a slippery surface properly. It will start peeling in time and it will cause inconvenience. Doing a painting job right will help you to avoid this kind of situation. Aged oil paint surface is mostly shiny and slippery.  Shiny paint requires a better surface preparation to make sure it is sticking on the surface properly. For example , when you are applying a weak paint on a glossy or semi gloss surface the chances are very low to succeed. 

The necessary preparation for aged oil painted surface is making the surface reasonably dull and not slippery. We can achieve a good prepared surface by scuff sanding and priming.If you believe in your armpower , you can use pull sander to give a complete and proper scuff sanding to the surface manually. When you are working on a larger space , it is better to use a power sander with 100 grit sandpaper.

After performing a detailed scuff sanding , you can rub your hand against the surface and observe it is dull enough. If you feel it is still slippery, you need to go, one more round scuff sanding process. 

We highly encourage using a strong primer on top of oil paint after scuff sanding is done. Primer will stick on the surface stronger and it will provide a strong base to stick on for the finish coats. Priming with a strong primer will also make you avoid bubbling after finishing coats applied. Some cases require speciality primes for tough surfaces , ordinary primers won’t perform well even if the seller claims they will.

Scuff sanded and primed surface is ready to apply for finishing coats. High quality brand name paint , ZeroVOC for indoors  are always recommended. High quality paint will give you a better / elegant texture and stronger finish.

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