How To Repair Exterior Stucco and Fix Stucco Texture?

When it comes to looking for a professional exterior stucco company, especially for a small exterior stucco fixing, very likely it will be a big challenge. Because Toronto has a short spring and summer season, that's why everybody making their exterior fixing plans long time before. Even many homeowners making the agreement a year before to make sure they will be able to get it done during the warm season.

Majority of the Canadians don't have any idea how to fix exterior stucco, even it can be a hobby work for an ordinary handy person. Simple tools and a couple stucco / cement / sand ingredients will be good enough to make a small stucco patch job done in less than an hour. It will take the stress out of finding a contractor in high season and it will make you save money. Our Do It Yourself (DIY) techniques will guarantee a good result and , no chance to fail. Even if you fail , still you will have a chance to take a step back to re-do it. Obviously stucco mixture has a couple simple ingredients.

When we are talking about a small patch , we need a small quantity of instant stucco patch mixture , you can buy from almost any nationwide home improvement store. They have small quantities in small boxes , not the large size bags. There are many instant cement mixtures but the ingredients are all same. Only difference is the percentage of the ingredients and size of gravel / sand. If we are talking about parging cement mix , lots of fine grade sand and less quantity cement is in the mixture. Because parging cement is used to make a fine finish top layer on the cement but the resistance is way lower than gravel&cement mixes. 

You can also modify the instant mixes buy adding more sand or cement to serve to the idea. When you have a box of instant stucco patch, you are ready to make mixture. You will need an old bucket , drill mixer ( or arm power) , grout sponge ( foam rubber , grout float not recomended) , trowel and water. You should start by putting some stucco patch mixture in the bucket ( don't fill more than quarter). Slowly add water , don't add too much water right away. You can use a drill mixer or trowel.The first step is getting all the mixture wet. When you see all of the mixture got wet in the bucket , try to spread a small quantity on a smooth surface with trowel. If you think it is not soft enough to spread, try to catch the right density by adding more water slowly and mixing it completely in each time. The stucco patch mixture won't stick on the surface easily. You need to wet the area where you will apply the patch. After applying some water to surface, you need to wait a couple minutes to let surface absorb the moist. It will help to stick easily. If the patch is big and the stucco mixture is not holding on the surface , you need to stick small size stone in the center of the patch to give extra resistance to the mixture. Stucco patch mixture won't get hard right away. You should wait a bit and keep adding more stucco patch mixture to catch a slightly overfilled surface. When you make sure the patch is holding okay on the surface, you should start smoothening and leveling it with a wet grout sponge by rubbing it gently. You might need  deeping the grout sponge in water a couple times while rubbing the patch. When you have reached a smooth surface , it is time to let it dry and harden completely. In a couple hours it will cure completely (depends on the thickness and the weather). You can use the same method for fixing the brick exterior too. You need to be patient and use a softer cement mixture. Don't forget wetting the surfaces to give enough moist to cement react and stick strongly.

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