Ideal Paint Colors For Dark Rooms / Spaces

Even though your home is a place you love and have a good time, some rooms may be making you gloomy. The reason for this may be that the room does not see the sun and does not receive light, but it is in your hands to make your house more lively and chirpy with the right colors and little tips. It is possible to get rid of the gloomy and dark room with the right color choice! All the details including what it can do are in the article!

Tips for making a sun-drenched room look brighter…

There are actually quite a lot of paint color options for those who want to make dark rooms look brighter, but it is not possible to determine the paint color alone because everything from the style of the furniture used in the dark room, from the floor covering to the ceiling lighting, plays an important role in determining the tone of the wall color.

Of course, besides these, it is also important what kind of bright environment you want. Some bright rooms are sparkling, sparkling and vibrant, while others, like this bedroom, are in a serene and peaceful atmosphere. For the first, bright and light wall color tones should be preferred, for a calm light, matte and pastel color tones will be more suitable. 

The elegance of the cream: To make a bright decoration, apart from white, you can use creams and shades that fascinate everyone with their elegance. You can use the cream color, which has very elegant tones, on all furniture and walls.

Modern Touch Gray: Gray is one of the most preferred wall colors for bedrooms, living rooms and corridor areas, as in this example, because there are many different shades of gray and each of them can adapt to modern decorations. When used as a wall color, gray tones, which will help you a lot when decorating a stylish room, create a very deep and spacious atmosphere, especially when blended with white, as in this example.

Pastel Colors: If you are looking for a light and atmosphere that is both peaceful and eye-catching and has high energy, then we recommend you to use the light and pastel tones of warm and lively colors on your walls. Pastel blue tones are a very stylish option not only for modern decorations, but also for classic and ostentatious living rooms, as we can see in this example picture, and they create a perfect harmony with golden tones.

Concentrated Colors: You should not think that you cannot create a bright environment by using vibrant colors. It is possible to design a spacious room with a very warm blue or red tone by catching the right contrast and harmony. In this example, a vibrant blue hue is combined with a calm gray hue. Using two different colors instead of painting the four walls with one color often creates depth in the space and this makes the room look brighter, bigger and more spacious.