Most Common Reasons Of Why Paint Crack

There are different reasons for paint to crack. We mentioned why paint peels and how to fix it in another article on the Blog section on our website. In this article we will explain the possible reasons for paints to crack. Using good quality paint is the best way to avoid  cracking. Buying a good quality paint from a local paint store will minimize the risk. Because a local paint store will carry the best quality paint products. We can group the reasons for paint to crack such as caused by preparation, weather / surface conditions. Having a good quality paint will not guarantee you to achieve a good result. There is a detailed manufacturer’s data sheet explaining all necessary surface preparation ,  application methods and required weather / moisture conditions.

- Improper Surface Preparation

Preparation takes more time than painting and it can be boring. That’s why most DIY painting projects fail for this reason. A good surface preparation helps to ensure that the paint will stick on the surface strongly and prevent paint cracking . The surface must be dust free , completely dry , sanded / smoothened  and primed if necessary.

- Not Using Proper quantity of paint 

When you start applying the paint to the surface with proper tools ( roller , brush) , you shouldn’t expect a solid coverage right away. Being too generous with the paint or applying less paint will not give you a good result. You should avoid exceeding the quantity of paint on the surface. Using the right amount of paint on your surface and applying a couple coats will give you a stronger finish.If you try to cover with a thick coat of paint , very likely it will cause cracking.  The best technique is to use thin but even layers of paint and a couple coats on the surface. Applying more thin  layers ( coats ) will give you a better result than one thick coat.

- Cheap Paint Might Be Too Expensive

The price of a gallon of paint might be a key factor about which paint to choose. But cheaper can be more expensive most of the time. Especially in Toronto , there is a big gap between labor cost and the paint cost in a paint project. Cheap / low quality paint will give you a bad texture and very likely it will not stick on the surface properly. This will cause cracking and peeling in the near future. We highly recommend you to go with the recommendation of a professional painting company , you hire. 

- Wet Surface and Moisture will Cause Low Adhesion

When you apply the paint on a wet surface or in a high moisture weather that does not adhere to the surface properly. It can peel and crack in the future. The most common reason why paint may not stick / adhere to the surface is wrong preparation. Also the weather conditions can be a factor such as too cold, hot or damp weather.A primer coat can be necessary in some cases.

- Giving Paint Enough Time Between The Coats 

The drying times might vary for every painting project. It depends on the weather conditions , type of the paint and how thick you are applying the paint. We encourage you to read the data sheet provided by the paint manufacturer. You need to make sure the first layer is completely dry so you can apply a second coat. If you apply the extra coats before the first coat completely dry , it will cause the paint to crack. 

- Paint to Get Aged and Weak

Every paint has a life expectancy , depending on the quality and the weather conditions exposed. When you start observing some cracks in aged paint , it indicates the paint has reached the end of its lifespan.

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