Natural Ways To Prevent Humidity In Your Basement

Unfortunately, parts of the house are prone to moisture and mold. Inadequate ventilation, constant exposure to water and construction materials are some of the causes of dampness in the home. As a result, you can come across black spots on the walls and corners, and sometimes you can see that the whitewash has deteriorated.

Moisture; It is possible to encounter problems such as skin allergies or respiratory problems, as it provides the ideal environment for mites, fungi and bacteria to grow. Fortunately; prevent dampness and improve the appearance of affected areas; There are some natural methods to prevent health problems from occurring as a result of all these. However, it is useful to get help from an expert to identify the source of moisture and humidity and to solve the problem for sure.


Thanks to its absorbent feature, sea salt is ideal for removing the humidity that usually occurs in closed areas. The compounds it contains disinfect the area, remove odor and reduce mold growth. For this, fill small cloth bags with sea salt and add a drop of natural oil (apricot, lavender) into them. Place these sacs in the damp area.


White vinegar is a natural cleaner. Thanks to its powerful feature, it cleans unwanted formations such as bacteria and fungi. It is also effective in combating odors. Wipe the moldy and damp environment with white vinegar. Repeat this process once a week and after a while the mold formation will stop.


Tea tree oil is a very powerful disinfectant. Add 10 drops of tea tree oil to half a liter of water. Then wipe areas such as cabinets, windows, bathtubs, tiles, shower trays. It will reduce moisture and mold.


Ventilation is the best way to reduce humidity in the home. It will be sufficient to open the windows that will prevent natural humidity and moisture and install a ventilation system. Ventilate the bathroom, especially after taking a shower.


It is a surprising fact that cat litter is among the ways to reduce humidity in the home. Cat litter will absorb moisture from the air. If you put cat litter in the damp area, it will reduce the humidity.