Paint Colors That Make The Room Look Wider

Especially, in recent years, the increase in furniture and needs has caused the living space to become even smaller. As such, we want our homes to appear larger and more spacious. The way to do this is to choose wisely in wall colors and furniture. In this way, you will make your room appear as large as possible. By choosing the right wall colors and getting help from painters, you can make your room look much larger and more spacious with the illusion of space. Now we will talk about how you can make small rooms and houses look larger and more spacious. In general, the colors that make the houses appear more spacious are cold colors. In this way, the space appears larger and brighter. For the highest illumination, gray and blue tones are generally preferred.

Create an Illusion on the Ceiling

Paint the walls of your room 10 cm below the ceiling and even under the cornice, if any. Paint this part white. This white stripe visually increases the height of the ceiling and makes the room appear higher. For example, it goes well with ocean green and vibrant white.

Let the corridors widen

In order to make the corridors look wider, if you paint both corridor walls in a light cream color and hang a mirror on one wall, the corridor can appear wider. By experimenting with contrasting color tones, you will create a different and pleasant image. For example, you can paint the top bases of columns, baseboards and sills in light and reflective colors. However, you can try contrasting color tones.

Try color harmony with different tones on furniture and walls. Help your walls blend in by choosing furniture colors that are similar to the paint color. Thus, it will make your room feel larger than it is, and will also contribute to creating an orderly and calm space. For example, green tones are highly preferred in this regard.

Paint Color That Makes the Room Bright

Living rooms have always been areas where we want to have fun, rest, spend time, relax, host friends and spend quality time. When choosing the colors of the living room walls, it is recommended to pay attention to the fact that they are suitable for two different uses. The first of these is to choose the color of the wall, taking into account the area where you will spend time with pleasure. The second is to create a living room decoration with color harmony when you invite your guests. Of course, we do not say that you can decorate your own house by painting it in a way that you do not want for others, but it is important that the decoration made in a harmonious way is in harmony to make the house bright and wide in any case. Among the paint colors that make the room wider, you can choose from the tones of many different primary colors, with white being the foremost. If the clear tones of the primrose are used, it is possible to show every part of the house in the colors blue, lilac, pink, yellow, turquoise, green, red and white.