Some Ideas About , Whole Family Participated Home Improvement Projects

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep the kids occupied and entertained. Especially while we are going through tough times and mostly staying indoors necessarily. Kids have lots of free time on March break , weekends or when there are school cancellations ( during pandemic). Parents have many activities in their mind and it has been planned long ago such as sending them to grandparents or school camps. When you run out of activities , it can be a great idea to have some simple home improvement projects to teach them and guide them to have better hand skills.

The Z generation and kids are mostly getting antisocial because of surfing on the internet and online gaming. They lose the sense of being in the real world. It can be a good , fun and beneficial way to have activities together to do home improvements together.

For example painting can be a very nice start to paint a kid's room together. He/she can choose her favorite color(s) . It can be even a good motivation to take the kids to a local paint store to let them choose their favorite paint color. The paint manufacturers have to obey the government’s regulations about ZeroVOC paint products. There is no risk for kids by releasing hazardous fumes and latex paint can be cleaned with just soap and water.

Buying a gallon or two of paint , a couple simple tools and supplies will do a small room wall painting project. The result should be satisfying if you read and follow the instructions we gave in the Blog section on our website. It will let the kids have physical activity while rolling and doing brush work too. If you are perfectionist and want a great result, you might do the difficult parts and let your kid do the easier parts.

Right after the paint dries , the bed and the furniture can be pushed back to their original position. It can be a good opportunity to do a detailed cleaning while you have access to all blind spots.

Refinishing or painting the other parts of the house or the furniture can be another fun project for the whole family. You can find all technical information in other articles on our website.

You should be well prepared by having all simple tools and supplies. Because refinishing furniture requires lots of sanding and patience.

If you feel the family members are having fun with these home improvement projects , you can switch to bigger size projects. Kitchen / washroom cabinet refinishing or painting can be a big time money saving project. It depends on how far you want to go with your skills and how much support you are getting from the rest of the family. Starting from a smaller size cabinet can be a good idea to understand how difficult it will be.

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