2/25/2022 3:59:35 AM

How We Handle Painting Interiors Of Your Property ( House / Condo / Office / Store / Restaurant / Factory ) Without Disturbing Your Home / Business

When it comes to making a property ready to move in or getting a home / business location painted , time flies. We know that dealing with many contractors on a tight schedule and experiencing delays are discouraging.

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2/25/2022 3:51:56 AM

How Can You Prepare / Organize Your Home To Get Painted ?

Getting your home painted will require you to organize your place, it doesn't matter if you do it yourself or hire a professional painting company.

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2/20/2022 1:40:53 PM

Hiring A Professional Painting Contractor or Doing It Yourself ?

It must be the most common question people ask themselves when they start planning their house / home painted.

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2/20/2022 1:38:38 PM

How To Paint Over The Dark Colors ? Covering Dark Colors With a Lighter Color Paint

Every 10 years trendy colors switch from dark to lighter color or opposite. People want a chance at a different look to refresh.

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2/20/2022 1:36:13 PM

How To Prep a Brick Fireplace for Painting ? Trendy Colors To Paint Brick Fireplace

In time the brick fireplaces had wear and tear because of smoke , dust and heat. We mostly ignore it. But when you start upgrading other parts of the room , you start feeling the the look of the brick fireplace is not fitting there anymore.

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2/20/2022 1:30:37 PM

Getting Your Home / House / Indoors Painted In Winter

There is a common belief that painting should be done during summer and spring time. Exterior painting should be done in good weather to let exterior paint dry and cure properly.

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2/20/2022 1:28:21 PM

Fixing And Painting Garage Or Basement Floor With Epoxy / Floor Paint

Sometimes a small upgrade in your garage or basement makes a huge difference and provides convenience. Most of the houses are coming with raw cement garage floors.

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2/20/2022 1:25:37 PM

Benefits Of Getting Your Resale Home Painted

It is a common question , if getting a resale home painted is more beneficial for you. The answer is clearly “Yes”.

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2/18/2022 9:00:27 AM

How to paint over oil paint with latex paint to avoid peeling?

Doing a painting job right will help you to avoid this kind of situation. Aged oil paint surface is mostly shiny and slippery.

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2/18/2022 8:57:17 AM

How to fix peeling paint?

Nobody wants to spend more if it is not necessary when we are talking about a painting project. Here are guaranteed techniques of fixing peeling paint

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2/18/2022 8:52:48 AM

Complete Guide of Painting

Your Home / Condo , ( DIY - Do It Yourself Tips & Techniques ), Complete Tools And Materials List

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2/17/2022 6:44:30 AM

How to Remove Wallpaper Easiest?

How to remove the wallpaper is a horror dream of many hosts. It is necessary to remove some of the crumbling or moistened wallpapers, which prevent the wall from getting air, and prepare the wall for painting.

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2/17/2022 6:33:41 AM

How Much Does Exterior Paint Cost?

Every item used has a lifetime, as well as a lifetime in paints. The permanence of paints that have completed their lifespan decreases and their color fades

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2/17/2022 6:32:05 AM

Are Wall Paints Harmful to Health?

The paints contain chemicals called VOC and protection. These substances are used in a quantity that does not harm human health through legal controls.

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2/16/2022 2:45:57 AM

How To Repair Exterior Stucco and Fix Stucco Texture?

Simple tools and a couple stucco / cement / sand ingredients will be good enough to make a small stucco patch job done in less than an hour

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2/16/2022 2:41:00 AM

Should I Paint My House Exterior Brick Surface? Exterior Brick Painting Toronto

Recent years, getting exterior painted in certain colors became very popular. Most of the house exteriors even many commercial buildings got painted commonly used dark colors such as charcoal, dark gray shades

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2/16/2022 2:35:38 AM

Does Painting Help Masking Odor And Smokey Places? How To Control / Remove Odor?

In many houses / offices there is an heavy odor or a bad smell caused by several reasons.

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2/14/2022 3:06:44 AM

How much does it cost to paint exterior stucco of my house / building in Toronto?

Painting over exterior stucco is going to help more than just a better look. Painting exterior stucco is a quick and low cost upgrade and a good way to cover up aged stucco exteriors

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