2/14/2022 3:02:38 AM

Getting Your Place Painted During Covid-19 Pandemic

We have never failed to deliver a painting project on time in last 25 years. C&S Painting has been working with a large size of professional painters crew all year round

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2/14/2022 2:58:19 AM

How Much Does It Cost A Finished Basement In Toronto?

Nowadays house marketing and rents are increasing really fast and it has bad effects on mortgage payments. Many Torontonians started considering a finished basement to rent and receiving extra income for covering some of the fixed expenses.

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2/11/2022 1:22:45 PM

How can I paint / restore my wood , metal , vinyl garage door and entrance door

Garage door is a big part of your exterior and mostly the first seen from outside. That's why a good looking garage door is important for first impression.

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2/10/2022 5:21:32 AM

Ideal Paint Colors For Dark Rooms / Spaces

It is possible to get rid of the gloomy and dark room with the right color choice!

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2/9/2022 4:46:24 PM

How To Paint Wood Stairs / Doors And Trims

One of the biggest changes in home renovations is to paint the railings and doors if your home has stairs.

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2/5/2022 3:48:53 AM

How To Fix And Prep Wall Surface Before Painting

You should take care to take a little extra time and prepare your walls before painting, because you will get a better result. Follow our steps to learn how!

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2/5/2022 3:42:19 AM

Trendy Colors For Interior Painting Colors

As we enter a new year, do you want to decorate your walls with a brand new paint? Adding a fresh color to walls, ceilings and doors can completely transform your room

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2/5/2022 3:35:55 AM

Differences Between Interior And Exterior Painting Projects

When starting a painting project, it's important to know the differences between the two and choose the right paint.

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2/5/2022 3:32:39 AM

Exterior Paint ( Specs and Necessary Preparation )

With our exterior painting service, we repair and paint the exterior surfaces of your buildings. With our quality paint and quality workmanship service, you can protect your buildings from bad weather factors of water and air and prevent them from ca

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2/5/2022 3:25:42 AM

The Painting Company Offering 1 Day Painting

Our company, which offers a one-day paint job delivery guarantee, allows you to quickly return to your living spaces without leaving you in the ordeal of house painting for days or even weeks.

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1/31/2022 7:07:15 PM

How to fix water damaged drywall or ceiling

Making holes in drywall is easy, luckily, it's easy to fix. A utility knife is used to make straight cuts in drywall.

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1/11/2022 4:06:49 PM

How Can I Remove Stucco Ceiling?

How to scrape popcorn / stucco ceiling texture with putty knife?

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1/11/2022 4:05:11 PM

How Can I Remove Stucco / Popcorn Ceiling?

Popcorn ceiling texture is a finish coat of material applied to cover imperfections and ...

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1/11/2022 4:03:23 PM

What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen

Selecting the best color for your kitchen may be a time-consuming and frustrating process especially...

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1/11/2022 4:00:47 PM

What Color Should I Paint my Living Room

The living room is considered as the heart of every home, where guests are entertained and where the entire family gather...

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